4th Tabor Film Festival

The programme has been divided in several genre blocks and the international panel of judges will select best films in the categories of documentary and animated films, as well as the best film of the festival. There is as a People’s Choice Award conferred by the attending viewers.

Along with the competitive part of the program there are numerous accompanying programs.
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About Tabor Film Festival:
'Four years ago, a small group of pecularly enthusiastic people was working on a plan of creating a new extensive cultural and subcultural event, which was to take place outside of the Croatian capital. Hrvatsko zagorje, a province rich in history, turned into the location of the event. The event was placed on two separate locations within Hrvatsko zagorje, one connected to the other by a small 5km long road curving around some hills of Zagorje.

First location, Kumrovec, was chosen due to its infrastructural potential, which is present, among the other reasons, because it is a birthplace of Josip Broz Tito. Veliki Tabor, a medieval castle chosen as a second location, with a completely different story, resembles in its power, beauty, uniqueness, provocatively and peacefulness of this astonishing region, where many interesting big and small brothers and sisters lived throughout the history. The event it self was named "Tabor u Taboru"; with a Kumrovec location named as "Kumrovec Music Festival", and Veliki Tabor location as "Tabor Film Festival". Beautiful and pleasant atmosphere of the festivals prevailed on both hills; we grew stronger, and festivals gradually went their separate ways.' (www.taborfilmfestival.com)