The International Festival of New Theatre – EUROKAZ 2006

Since its beginning in 1987 EUROKAZ has presented over 300 artists and companies from all over the world and is considered the major theatre festival in the region.

EUROKAZ is not limited by genre. It encompasses theatre, dance, performance and other related art forms. The concept behind the programme emphasises innovation and the impulses that change our habits of perception and push the developments in theatre forward. EUROKAZ often dedicates sections of its programme to specific themes which investigate contemporary theatre phenomena, such as; iconoclastic theatre, post-mainstream, body art, new dramaturgy, new circus and many others. Sometimes the themes reflect the situation of theatre and dance in specific geographical regions (i.e. new Italian theatre, contemporary dance in Africa, Latin America, Japan, Asian traditional theatre, new generation of French directors, American West Coast technological theatre etc.).

In addition to the international programme, EUROKAZ regularly showcases certain sections of the local scene, from independent Croatian companies to innovative performances produced by repertory and national theatres.

The EUROKAZ programme often includes related discussions, symposiums, screenings, workshops, concerts and exhibitions. Two years ago EUROKAZ also became involved in publishing. The first book to be released is a comprehensive overview of EUROKAZ's first 15 years. Also in preparation are editions covering two segments of the alternative theatre scene in the sixties and seventies (IFSK Festival, Kugla glumiste). (Text taken from: