17th Animafest – Zagreb 2006 World Festival of Animated Film

Along with its main program the festival also has special programs (retrospectives, exhibitions, lectures, meetings and the like). Since 1986 authors whose creative work has contributed to the development of the various genres of animation are bestowed the Life's Work Award, and as of 2002 an award for Outstanding Contribution to Animation Theory is also granted.

The International Commission selecting short films for the 17th Animafest: Heater Kenyon, Heikki Jokinen, Olivier Catherin and Milan Trenc.

The festival was previously held as a biennial. Since, in the wake of a growth in the production and significance of feature animated films, the program was expanded to include a feature-length film category, Animafest has been divided into two separate events, of which one takes place each alternate year: a Feature-length Animated Film Program – in October of every odd year and the Short Animated Film Program – held in June of every even year.

The First part of the 17th Animafest, screening feature-length animated films (both competitive and non-competitive parts of the program), was held from October 25 to 30, 2005.

See detailed programme: www.animafest.hr