Serial Cases_1 Acquaintance

The idea was shaped by examining ways of collaboration and communication based on mutual experiences shared through art works. Since cultural exchange amongst different geographies can expose similar experiences and parallel histories, critical and significant cases may solely be traced in the course of “specific” art works.

Such works evidently inhabit “communicative aspects” and therefore, have the potential to propose alternative channels to any kind of global communication medium for receiving and sharing information. This project aims to detect such works and to construct links between various geographies through exceptional discoveries.  

The first stage of Serial Cases will be presented throughout November 2005 – March 2006 as an exchange Video Screening Program in eight different cities. The expansion of the geographical boundaries of the network of the Middle East and South and Eastern Europe covering Turkey has the potential to reveal additional modes of information about the regions. Accordingly, parallel cases along with cultural inputs from these regions will be the basis for this screening programme series. (text by Eyal Danon and Basak Senova)  

The curators of the project are Michal Kolecek (Usti nad Labem, Czech Republic), Antonia Majaca (Zagreb, Croatia), Basak Senova (Istanbul, Turkey), Matei Bejenaru (Iasi, Romania), Margarethe Makovec and Anton Lederer (Graz, Austria), Galia Dimitrova (Sofia, Bulgaria), Eyal Danon (Holon, Israel), Orfeas Skutelis and Branka Curcic (Novi Sad, Serbia and Montenegro).

Digital post production of the project was coordinated by Eyal Danon of Israeli
Center for Digital Art, Holon.

In Zagreb the project is being hosted by the Miroslav Kraljevic Gallery from 23rd until 26th May in Subiceva Street 29, Zagreb

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