International Dubrovnik Film Festival 2006

The very first International Dubrovnik Film Festival opened in May 2003 and has since grown with each year.  The Dubrovnik Film Festival 2005 honoured Christopher Walken and Peter Medak with the Libertas Award and Emily Watson received the Argosy Award. Previous years DIFF honoured Branko Lustig in 2004 with the Libertas Award, and in 2003 Deborah Kara Unger received the first Libertas Award and Jonathan Tucker was honoured with the first Argosy Award. (text by diff)

Awards for films in competition:

International Feature Competition:
DIFF Award for Best Film
DIFF Award for Best Director
DIFF Award for Best Screenplay
DIFF Award for Best Cinematography

International Short Film Competition:

DIFF Award for Best Short Film International

Documentary Competition:

DIFF Award for Best Documentary Film

Dubrovnik International Film Festival 2006 (DIFF) will be between 5th and 9th June.
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