Tina Gverovic and Bean Cain in the Notice - London

It begins with four modest parts: a vinyl record featuring spoken voice and piano music, a simple digital animation, a black and white video and a folding pamphlet. At first sight each of the four parts appear to be found objects; the parts are in fact purpose made in order to function in a space which is immediately adjacent to, whilst at the same time somewhat removed from the street. This is a space that becomes part waiting room and part reading-room.

The moving image, the sound, and the text present a symbiotic puzzle that suggests a parallel setting, a scene, a place, and a central character.

Within a comfortably loose frame, the observer and the observed are given a voice, a stage and an introduction.

Elementary rules of detective work entail locating a subject, observing, and drawing links. By doing so, times, locations and subjects fall into place, or sometimes do not.

Ben Cain and Tina Gverovic often work with one another, and also continue to develop solo projects. (Text: notice space)

171 Deptford High Street
London SE8 3NU

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