Exhibition: 'Architecture in Rijeka 1845-1945’ in China

It is a representative exhibition which consisted fifty nine coloured photographs by Damir Fabjanić which presents Rijeka’s architecture constructed during the periods of Historicism, Secession and Modernism.
The exhibition is curated by Daina Glavočić, Senior Curator of the Museum of Modern and Conteporary Art Rijeka.

The whole event is organized as a part of the formal call of the Municipality of Dalian to Rijeka’s Municipality.

The Museum of Modern Art was founded in 1948. It collects and safeguards the works of Croatian and foreign artists of 20th century. Besides this, it also collects the works of artists who lived in Rijeka from the end of the last and up to the middle of this century.

The treasures of The Museum of Modern Art are deposited into five collections.