Leipzig Book Fair 2006

The Croatian stand will be opened by the Minister of Culture Božo Biškupić on 16th March. It will give an opportunity to present not just Croatian literature but the recent publishing and translation production on the book market. The minister will have a special meeting with the director of the Fair Oliver Zille and confirm Croatia as the special guest of the Leipzig Book Fair in 2008.

In addition, a discussion will be held on the topic ‘Small’ and ‘big’ languages – What Europeans knows about European literature’ and ‘The concept of ‘Europe’.

Texts by the authors who do not speak German will be translated by the moderator of public discussions Alida Bremer.

As a part of the programme ‘Small languages – Big literatures’ and ‘Leipzig liest International’ (Leipzig reads International) six contemporary writers will be presented at the Leipzig Book Fair.

After the Fair Slavenka Drakulić will leave for Berlin for another presentation and Miro Gavran is planning to go to Augsburg for the premiere of his play.

The Croatian stand will also host the exhibition of thirteen illustrators ‘minus 35’, prepared by Irena Bekić. The exhibition will present the generation of the authors born after 1970 according to the criteria of classical painting and drawing techniques used in their expression.