1st Et'no Fest in Zagreb

For the first festival the plan is to present a programme with musicians from the nearby regions: Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovenia and Croatia. All participants will present a wider perception of the world music with elements of Armenian, Bosnian, Iranian, African and Latino music.

Every musician has his own vision of ethno music, enriching the main traditional source with contemporary musical elements, mixing different genres like ambient, jazz and electronic.

Programme of the Festival:

7th March @ KSET, 35/45 Kn Lidija Bajuk Trio (Croatia)
Arhai (Serbia and Montenegro)

8th March @ KSET, 35/45 Kn
Kaldrma (Macedonia)
String Forces (Macedonia)

9th March @ KSET, 25/35 Kn
Afion (Croatia)

10th March @ PAUK, 35/45 Kn
KRIES (Croatia)
Bobnars United (Slovenia)

11th March @ KSET, 25/35 Kn
Slip (Croatia)
Mrs. Ferris' Pighouse Collection (Croatia)
+ workshop of Irish dance led by Paul O'Grady and 'Irish Maiden' group