Exhibition 'Contemporary Croatian Drawing' in Vienna

Maroević’s selection was based on an intersection of a wider range of Croatian art in the context of showing the dynamics of the contemporary art scene in Croatia, its stratification and differences in artistic articulation and techniques in conjunction with the idea of the richness and power of artistic expression.

The Traveling Exhibition ‘Contemporary Croatian Drawing’ is a representative and panoramic project by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic Croatia that has been touring different continents as a representative collection of art.

The Croatian Minister of Culture Mr. Božo Biškupić will open the exhibition together with Mr. Franz Morak, the Austrian State secretary for Arts and Media.

The exhibition-tour will also include The Netherlands, Ireland, Spain and Albania in 2006.

Fore more info about the exhibition please visit the gallery on Culturenet: www.culturenet.hr

Exhibition will be on view in Vienna since 31st March.