Young Virtuoso - Etudes & Scales

The first Competition "Etudes and scales for young pianists" was organized by the Music school "Pavao Markovac" back in 1994. The Competition was meant to be for piano pupils of primary music schools from Zagreb area and was conceived after an idea of professor Jelica Kuzmin. The very next year the idea was also adopted by violinists, so they also came along. Ever since, the competition has been held in these two disciplines (piano and violin) alternatively every year. Number of categories, technical demands and age limits have grown and the competition in 1996 becomes international.

Program of this competition is a bit unique, as it includes obligatory performance of a scale with its elements and compulsory etude exclusively written for each competition. Compulsory etudes from past competitions have been published - 17 etudes for piano and 17 etudes for violin. (text taken from:

Awards are granted by a panel of judges.
The event closes with a concert.

Organizer: The Pavao Markovac Music School
Location: The Pavao Markovac Music School, Croatian Music Institute - HGZ (closing concert)


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