CroArt Gallery and video artist Dan Oki at the ARCO’06 Fair in Madrid

Dan Oki is a contemporary artist in the fields of film and video art, installation, digital and new media art; performance art. He studied art in Croatia and the Netherlands. He was awarded on numerous occasions in Croatia and Europe. Oki was guest lecturer at many academies and art schools in Europe. Currently, he lives between Amsterdam and Split.

CroArt Gallery started as a private initiative with the aim of representing and supporting Croatian contemporary artists on the international art scene. The Gallery was invited to ARCO events by Jemima Rellie from Tate Gallery London, Angela Molina from El Pais, Mark Tribe from Brown University, Karin Ohlenschlanger from MedialabMadrid and Christiane Paul from the Thiney Museum in New York.

CroArt Gallery will host the stand BB08, Pavilion 9.

For more info how to get on ARCO'06 and see Oki's video, please visit: