Freedom to Creativity! 2006 – Festival of Free Culture, Science and Technology

The Festival will take place between 1st and 5th January in Zagreb, Croatia.

This year’s festival thematizes the issues of exclusivity of knowledge, privatization of novelties through patents and copyrights and as a result of that, the prevention of free and open access to knowledge, medicines, technology and art. The consequence is unequitable global development.

The Festival includes concerts, exhibitions, lectures, film and video projections, streaming, etc. See detailed programme
Entry is free of charge for all events

Duration: 1st - 5th February 2006, opening is scheduled for 7pm - Printing house 'Borba'
Location: Zagreb: Printing house 'Borba'; Institute 'Ruđer Bošković'; Club 'Močvara'; Cinema 'Zagreb'
Organizer: Multimedia institute, Zagreb

Contact personnel:

Antonija Letinić
GSM: +385 0 98 68 76 61

Nenad Romić - Marcell
GSM: +385 0 91 62 72 355

Tomislav Medak
GSM: +385 0 91 25 80 153

Tomislav Domes
GSM: +385 0 91 34 62 660