Exhibition 'La Monnaie Vivante' (Living Currency) in Paris

Artists: Prinz Gholam (Germany), Jens Haaning (Denmark), Ceal Floyer (England), Sanja Iveković (Croatia), David Lamelas (Argentina), Teresa Margolles Mexico),Roman Ondak (Slovakia), Santiago Sierra (Spain), Félix Gonzalez-Torres(USA), Artur Zmijewski (Poland).
Curator: Pierre Bal-Blanc.

Friday 20th, Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd January 2006 from 2pm to 7pm.
Closing ceremony on Sunday, 22nd January from 3pm with the performance ‘Time’ by David Lamelas.

Faits d’Hiver Festival, Artists’ dance 2006 at:
The Micadanses Studio, 15 rue Geoffroy L’Asnier
75004 Paris. Metro: Saint Paul or Pont Marie.
Phone: + 33 1 42 74 46 00

’The exhibition aims to get a perspective on historical and more recent approaches to the body as a focus of performance in the visual arts in light of the latest developments in a contemporary dance scene that, today,
is expressing a desire to arrest movement, a refusal to pose, a kind of degree zero of dance practice.

A dance studio is a place intended for rehearsal and choreographical research, and the objects and performances that have been selected – or specially created for this occasion – by the artists will reflect the everyday usage of the space. This unique three-day exhibition, because of the way the works are presented and combined, invites the visitors to experience a position in the ordered space of the studio that is new for them.

The works of all the artists invited act on the physiological and sensual presence of the body. These performances activate vestiges that situate actions in a physical and political space, producing objects and signs that reflect the mental and cultural environment. Each work develops its own form of perception, according to the spectator’s subjectivity and interpretation.

United by the title La Monnaie vivante (Living Currency) taken from Pierre Klossowski’s book on the body as part of the domain of value, this exhibition is a free interpretation of Klossowski’s philosophical and poetical essay. It places the text as the theoretical horizon of these works and redistributes the limits of the body in space.’ (text by Pierre Bal-Blanc, Centre d`art contemporain de Brétigny)

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