1st Biennal of Quadrilateral

Curators for exhibition were from the countries of Quadrilateral: Igor Španjol (Slovenia), Janos Sugar (Hungary), Giuliana Carbi (Italy) and Branko Franceschi (Croatia).
Curatorial team decided that this year’s subject is the issue of relativism.
In conjunction with exhibition will be also a Symposium about relativism organized by Faculty of Philosophy in Rijeka.

Artists presented on:
Slovenija: IRWIN, Maja Licul, Marko Peljhan, Lujo Vodopivec
Hungary: IPUT, Adam Kokesch, Omara, Szilvia Reischl
Italy: Brigitte Brand, Maurizio Pellegrin, Alfredo Pirri, Emanuela Marassi
Croatia: Kristian Kožul, Andreja Kulunčić, Sandra Sterle, www.enigmaobjekta.com

For details, please consult official web site of Museum of Modern and Contemporary Arts, Rijeka: www.mmsu.hr/en