Action 'Operation: City'

Action Operation: City programme will include approximately 50 events: exhibitions, performance art, theatre and contemporary dance performances, literary evenings-book clubs; audio and video installations, workshops, lectures, concerts, presentations, film; video and cartoon projections; also it includes two previously announced festivals (Touch me and Urban Festival). The whole action is organized by propulsive and deliberateness cultural activists, in this action presented as a collective of more than 25 nongovernmental organizations joined in similar aim – struggling with the lack of spaces for development of independent scene. See more about Operation: City

Duration: 8 September – 17 September 2005
Location: Zagreb – ex-factory Badel (Šubićeva); ex-abattoir Zagrepčanka
Organizer: Local Base for Culture Refreshment (BLOK), Platforma 9.81, etc.


Phone/Fax: +385 (1)46 35 881
GSM: +385 091 25 65 656