'Touch me' Festival – Intelligence abuse

It is organized by Ngo ‘Kontejner’ – bureau of contemporary art practices with young and propulsive custodians trying to represent to public artistic and scientific approaches in art/studies. It’s not just festival in a classical way but a platform for discussions, exhibitions and installations, performance art and symposium. It’s a creative gathering for researching new aesthetic territories and relations between art and technology. As far as discussion goes further trying to explain boundaries in manipulating science in human history artists/scientists are here to give the answers and possible alternatives. For this year a special issue is propounding on subject Intelligence abuse. One of the guests will be respectable scientist/artist Joe Davis, researcher from Department of Biology at MIT.
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Duration: 8 September – 17 September 2005
Location: Zagreb
Organiser: Kontejner


Contact persons:
Olga Majcen, e-mail: kontejner@mi2.hr
, GSM: 091/52 37 901
Sunčica Ostoić, e-mail: kontejner@mi2.hr
, GSM: 098/60 52 90

URL: www.kontejner.org