40th Vinkovci Autumn

The opening ceremony will be preceded by the County review of authentic folklore: authentic folklore, authentic songs, dances and exhibitions of traditional Slavonian traditions performed by groups of the Vukovar-Srijem County. Following on from this will be the National review o authentic folklore. Other folklore events: the Children’s Vinkovci autumn, Ceremonious march of participants of the 39th Vinkovci evenings and the Review of horse teams; Šokački divani. The first Vinkovci Autumn were held in the year 1966.

Duration: 7 September – 18 September 2005
Location: Vinkovci: Vinkovačkih jeseni square; Ban Josip Šokčević square, the streets of Vinkovci
Organizer: ZAKUD and the City of Vinkovci


Trg Vinkovačkih jeseni 1
32100 Vinkovci

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