2nd Festival of Postmodern Ceramics – Ceramica Multiplex

Remarkable Pottery craftsmen and pot makers, art experts and curators are part of this ceramics exhibition and gathering. The nucleus of the project refers to the festival evaluated by international jurors and the purpose of which is to present ceramics in the interesting way to attain an objective of using an old crafts method in postmodern manners. See prize winners

Duration: 27 August – 30 October 2005
Location: Art Gallery of Old and Next Masters of the City Museum Varaždin
Organizer: Kerameikon – Croatian Ceramic Association


Hrvatsko keramičarsko udruženje
Križanićeva 13
42 000 Varaždin

Contact persons: Blaženka Šoić Štebih, Danijela Pičuljan
Phone: +385 (42) 211 227
Fax: +385 (42) 210 450
URL: www.kerameikon.com