Špancir fest - Street Festival in Varaždin 2005

During the festival there will be clowns, street and mime performers, folk dancers and musicians, world music and jazz bands, hip hop collectives, rock bands, etc. Performers from around the world like Trinidad and Tobago, USA, Slovenia, Austria, India, France, Ukraine, Russia, England, Germany, Serbia and Montenegro, Belgium, Ghana, Australia and Croatia.
This year the audience will enjoy the sound of Terra Folk, a band that won BBC Radio 3 World Music Audience Award for 2003. See programme

Duration: 26 August – 4 September
Location: Varaždin
Organiser: Tourist Board of Varaždin City


Špancir festival
Ivana Padovca 3
41000 Varaždin

Phone: +385 42 210 985
Fax: +385 42 210 987
E-mail: tzg-varazdina@vz.tel.hr
URL: www.spancirfest.com