Zagreb Slavic school

The lecturers will be eminent Croatian studies experts, authors, literary and art theoreticians, while attendees are students of Croatian studies from various countries. Upon completion of the course, attendees receive diplomas of completed course of the Croatian linguistics and literature. The head of the Zagreb Slavic School: Prof. Dr. Krešimir Bagić. The theme of the literary cycle of the 34th Slavic school: “Popular Croatian literature and culture” Head: Prof. Dr. Krešimir Nemec The theme of the linguistic cycle: “Stratification of the Croatian language”. Head: Prof. Dr. Ivo Pranjković. The Zagreb Slavic School was founded in 1971.

Duration: 22 August – 3 September 2005
Location: Dubrovnik: International centre of Croatian universities Dubrovnik
Organiser: Zagreb Slavic school


Faculty of Philosophy – University of Zagreb
Zagreb Slavic School
I. Lučića 3, 10 000 Zagreb
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