Festival of Alternative Theatrical Expression - FAKI 007: 25- 29 May 2004, Zagreb, Croatia

FAKI is an alternative theater festival with five year tradition. The main idea of the festival is to gather people from different countries who are engaged with theatre activities outside commercial theatrical institutions, encourage young performers and produce quality and contemporary performances. Practically, this means that FAKI is a festival of alternative theatre, street theatre, performance and off- and low-budget theatre. The festival will offer presentations, workshops and (in) formal discussions and conversations among performers, organizers and the festival audience, as well as the actual theatre acts.

FAKI is organized by ATTACK! (Autonomni kulturni centar), a non-profit, non-government, non-partisan, volunteer civil organization that aims at creating and spreading an alternative to the dominant culture, policy and economy. ATTACK provides space for everyone who wants to express themselves creatively and participate in the changes at the local level that lead to a free society. Functional principles of the Autonomous Culture Factory are: respect for different attitudes, opinions and ideas; freedom of choice; respect for life, national, gender, social and religious difference; organizational autonomy; public and democratic thinking and individual and organizational responsibility.

URL: www.attack.hr/faki