Nineth Dreamlike Bookfair in Istria

Pula: Dom hrvatskih branitelja, Galerija Cvajner, MMC Luka, Filozofski fakultet, Klub Uljanik, Klub P 14, Caffe

The biggest by the number of exhibitors, but also by its genuine festival-type bookish atmosphere. This is an out-of-institutional, "club" bookfair of the people who work with books and for the people who are attached to them. It is a meeting place for publishers, authors, editors, translators, and readers. It is a home for small publishers, fresh ideas, and new authors. In the relaxed, Mediterranean atmosphere of the city "at the end as much as in the center of the bellybutton of the world", the Bookfair in Pula creates and encourages new, alternative literary pathways.

This year the central theme of the bookfair is "Women in Literature". Hence not women's literature, not women as objects and constructs of male imagination, not even women as a creative group of marginal worth, but women as a powerful segment of the contemporary literary production.Women's Power and Literary Creation is based on the conviction that the Otherness and the marginality of women in literature is no more. We wish to present women authors with different approaches to literary creation: those who are looking for a feminine expression, those who are happily cashing-in on their work, those who write completely ignoring the fact that they are actually beings about whom most of the authors of world literature through history wrote as an ideal of physical beauty and spiritual imperfection, up to those that actually toy with this stereotype... from the queens and ladies of crime, through women columnists, sex-and-the-city authors, best-selling women authors for children and adults up to radical feminists.

A series of excellent authors will be presented to the public in Pula among which Dacia Maraini, Irena Vrkljan, Slavenka Drakulić, Assia Djebar, Sibila Petlevski, Alice Schwarzer, Lisa Marklund, Julijana Matanović, Elfriede Jelinek...

The intention of the fair is not a mere presentation of these authors, but to explore to a greater depth, through discussions with critics, magazine editors, scientists, publishers and book lovers the phenomenon of female power in modern literary creation.
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