The 7th Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin

Within contemporary art, the Rencontres internationales Paris/Berlin bring together different genres in order to promote the exchange between all participants of artistic and cultural life.  
The Rencontres internationales Paris/Berlin render accessible contemporary works of the different genres to a large public, thereby representing a platform for encounters between various cultures and audiences. This international and interdisciplinary dialogue is enriched by the presence of numerous artists.  
The 7th Rencontres internationales Paris/Berlin will be held in several places:  
- Podewil - Centre for Contemporary Arts -  
- Cinema Arsenal - Friends of the German Kinemathek -  
- Cinema Brotfabrik -  
The programming was arranged on the basis of 4000 international proposals as well as direct requests to artists and notably can be divided in two sections :  
Film and video (short films, fiction, documentaries, experimental film, video art...):  
- the latest films of Jacques Meilleurat (director of the "documentary-fiction" "Provisoires amis"), Jon Jost ("Oui Non", a video shot in Paris about the making of an improvised play), Dominique Dubosc ("Palestine, Palestine", documentary), Isham Bizri ("La Rencontre", the surprising adaptation of a short story by Luis Borges). Films by Vivian Ostrovsky, Alexandre Sokourov, Yervant Gianikian and Angela Ricci Lucchi...  
- a special programme arranged by Danièle Huillet and Jean-Marie Straub.  
- Insights into video art and independent cinema of different countries; Canada (with Gariné Torossian, Stephen Arthur..), the Netherlands, Switzerland (with John Kneller, Ursula Hodel...), Great Britain, and a number of rare films from the republic of China, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Iran, and many more.  
- Special showings : "Filma obscura", a film programme about recording and darkness; "Hollywood revisité" with films dealing in a playful way with classics, (von Les Leveque, Diane Nerwen, Don Bury...); showings having the city, the body, the sound or the voice as a subject.  
- several programmes presenting the works of young artists and directors from Germany and France.  
Multimédia (performances, sound installations, videos and multimedia, CD-Roms, Net Art):  
- recent works by Antonio Muntadas, Peter Rose, Josef Robakowski, as well as German und French artists (Isabelle Levenez, Jakob Gautel, Bjorn Melhus, Tilman Küntzel) within one exhibition;  
- Performances by artists from Germany and France.  
Premières in association with ARTE:  
Another highlight of the Rencontres internationales Paris/Berlin in Berlin is a film première presented in the framework of the European festival "Temps d Images" initiated by ARTE and the "Scène Nationale de la Ferme du Buisson" .  
The programme shows among others the latest films of Chantal Akerman ("Avec Sonia Wieder Atherton", an impressive documentary about an internationally renowned musician), a film on the extraordinary works of Edward Bond), Stephane Metge and Patrice Chéreau ("Phèdre" produced by Patrice Chéreau and adapted as documentary by Stéphane Medge), the last film of Lech Kowalski ("A l’est du paradis")...  
Many events are taking place in the presence of the artists and directors, in order to foster dialogues and exchanges.  
A multimedia library  
- with multimedia presentations, online works, CD-Roms and Net Art accessible for a large public as well as professionals during the entire Festival period consisting in  
- an audio library with sound works from young artists and composers as well as  
- a video library comprising all filmspresented at the festival.