First Zagreb Film Festival

During the festival's five days The Student centre will be a kind of city in a city: it will revive the memories inscribed in rooms where, during the 20th century, some of the most important events on Zagreb cultural scene are taking place: exhibitions of Zagreb choir, Theatre &TD plays, exhibitions in the Gallery of the Student centre, MM centre showings, new wave concerts, and theatre plays performed by alternative groups.
Equally important part of the festival is also FESTIVAL OF THE FIRST which will be held at the same time at the same place.

ZAGREB FILM FESTIVAL is a competitive festival that presents and awards new film authors wit their features, short and documentary films, and the FESTIVAL OF THE FIRST establishes the value of debutants' achievements in various areas of creative expression. Both festivals wish to recognise innovativeness and encourage interdisciplinary method and dialogue among creative professions. This is why they are taking place at the same time on the premises of the Student centre, and this is why they regard the young as their primary audience. Moreover, both festivals also desire, in a broader generation context, to contribute to the consciousness of exploring the new creative possibilities. Regarding the fact that the modernist culture in the history of Zagreb has always been a kind of reflection of social processes of modernisation, these two new Zagreb festivals wish to encourage new forms of dialogue in culture as well as cultural dialogue with other fields of social activities.