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Poziv na sudjelovanje - Medunarodni kulturalni sajam – Kavkaz 2003

vrijeme: 24.04.2003. - 01.06.2003.
mjesto: Tbilisi, Georgia
organizator: ICF –Caucasus 2003

ICF (Međunarodni kulturalni sajam) Kavkaz 2003 je projekt mreže umjetničkih menadžera Kavkaza (CAMN) koja okuplja europske, srednjeeuropske, kavkaske, baltičke, nordijske, armenske, ruske umjetničke djelatnike u svrhu buduće suradnje, razmjene i novih mogućnosti. Na prvom godišnjem susretu u Tbilisi 2002. odlučeno je da će se prvi sajam održati u Kavkazu u svrhu promocije i izvoza domaće lokalne produkcije te predstavljanja i uvoženja međunarodnih umjetničkih projekata.Sajam će pokriti sve umjetničke discipline pod sloganom "pregled međunarodnih zbivanja" i "umjetnička raznolikost". Rok za prijave je 1. lipanj.
ICF- Caucasus 2003 is the first showcase of its kind in Caucasus, which also aims to spread the information about the local artistry over the international arena. The Soviet Union mixed distinguishes of the united multi nations into one – the Soviet, thus it was too difficult to introduce and promote each. For the first time after the collapse of the SU the fair will represent extremely diverse Caucasian artistry – multi-religious and multi-traditional spectacle. It also repeats an ancient Caucasian tradition to serve as the crossroad of the Euro-Asian culture, while opening its doors to other word s regions with other cultural traditions, aiming to introduce a great success of sales and participation. ICF- Caucasus 2003 is to be attended not only by artists, but also by general public, which is also quite important to the visual art sector of the fair. Each participant artist, gallery or organization will exhibit its work on the stand at big Concert Hall in Tbilisi, Georgia, where ICF – Caucasus 2003 will be conducted. The venue is situated in one of the oldest and beautiful parts of the city - in Vera District, which is on its road to Rustaveli Avenue, in a mile distance from Rustaveli State Academic Theater, passing the Cinema House, Ministry of Culture and the Science Academy of Georgia. ICF- Caucasus 2003 - apart from the visual artistry the performing sector of the fair offers attendance on the live shows and performances in the theater venues across the city, arranging the seats and meetings with appropriate authorities according to the interest of the buyer. For the corresponding arrangements the interested party should contact the ICF office at the fair. Schedule of the performances will be handed beforehand. ICF- Caucasus 2003 is an important event for participant party guarantying not only the sale of the exhibited artistry, but also spreading the information about the artist or company. It also gives an opportunity to promote the art and to share experiences with artists from different countries and cultures. The fair is designed to represent following segments of arts: 1 Performing art 2 Visual Art 3 Craft 4 Technical and informational facilities for culture and art 5 Cinema and TV 6 Show Business ICF- Caucasus 2003 – while its preparation period the organizers will conduct 5 training programs guided by the international experts, for qualifying the cultural institutions from Caucasus in more understanding of the market strategy, marketing, selling, contracting and exposing. There will also be held two chief projects in the frames of the fair: Conference on Art and Business and the CAMN meeting 2003. Exhibitors, producers, artists, theatre company managers, visitors and media from all over the world are all invited to participate. Early efforts from the whole sector are already done to build the most successful Arts Fair in the history of Caucasus, thus your interest will greatly contribute into execution of the XXI Century great initiation. ICF- Caucasus 2003 promises to turn into the celebration of colours, tempers and traditions - into the polyphony of cultures. Services provided by the ICF – Caucasus 2003 organizers: - Space - Basic Lighting - Cleaning - Attendance and surveillance - Stand for making contacts - Lunch - Catalogue - Hall plan - List of Participants - Program of the Fair - PR work Application for Participation - deadline: 1.6.2003. This application form, duly completed, affixed with a legally binding signature and submitted by the deadline, in addition with the contract between the Head Office ICF- Caucasus 2003 and the participant party, constitutes the right to participate in the ICF – Caucasus 2003. - Performing art - Visual Art - Craft - Cinema and TV - Show Business - Technical and administrative facilities for culture and art 1. Full name of: institution /company/ organization/ individual/ project: 2. Full name of the participant: 3. Mailing Address (Street, city, zip code, country): 4. Phone: Fax: 5. E-mail: web page: 6. Registration fee: 200 EU 7. Form of presentation: - exhibition - sculpture - video-film - other Applying for: an individual stand - a joint booth stand 8. In case of the joint booth stand, please name the stand responsible person Full Name: Mailing Address: Telephone: Fax: (To identify each of the group members, please see the attached application forms). 9. The ICF –Caucasus 2003 office provides the stand size of 31,5 sq.m. (wall floor). Please point out if you need more space than proposed by the fair organizers minimal modular stand 31,5 sq.m/ (FOR FREE /provided by ICF/) extra …sq.m 1 sq.m = 40 EU Total: TV-Video set (to rent) number rent price per each Additional spotlights (to rent) number rent price per each Extensions (to rent) number rent price per each 10. Please name the responsible person for the stand Full name: Address: Phone: Fax: E-mail: Personal page in the ICF – Caucasus 2003 Catalogue: 150 EU Total amount: EU Signature: For those hiring the joint booth stand! Each participant must fill in the separate application form (applications enclosed) Please return this application to the international Culture Fair –Caucasus 2003 Head Office until the 1st June 2003 Conditions of participation Participation is fundamentally open to every culture institution or artist. Participation with a second stand is possible, while works may also be presented jointly by several galleries but should be agreed with the ICF organizers in advance to provide the benefiting service. Stand: The ICF –Caucasus 2003 will provide a three-wall modular stand of 31, 50 m 2 as the exposition space for free. The stand must be correctly equipped, while being correctly furnished by the ICF - Caucasus 2003 office (a table, two chairs, hooks & hangings and a spotlight). Stand does include a plug, but incase of need extensions could be hired in the special ICF-Bureau at the fair, as well as TV-Video set and additional spotlights (see the appendix 1). The contact person himself attends the stand and shows the represented work to visitor. At the forecourt of the fair there will be the designers-group, which after the certain payment will insure that the exhibition stand will be prepared according to the offered material for exhibition, according to the participant s desire, considering modern technologies and standards. Program of the Fair: During the event participants will receive the program of the fair with the information about the other cultural events in the town, as well as the timetable of all conferences, seminars and the performing arts productions performed in the theatres across Tbilisi while the event. Catalogue: The ICF –Caucasus 2003 Head Office undertakes the responsibility to spread the concrete information about the participant party (title and contacts) in a local media, on the fair s web-side and in the catalogue on a free basis. ICF – Caucasus 2003 will issue the official catalogue of the fair, (Format A4, 2000 copies) where each participant can purchase the personal page (two A4 sheets) for a text and colour illustrations. The page in the catalogue costs 150 EU. Each participant will receive a copy and will be able to buy more at a moderate price. For this reason all documents and material about participant party and the transfer paper should be sent to the ICF-Caucasus 2003 Head Office before 1st of July, in order to assure the success of each participant. A personal page in the catalogue could also be purchased by those physically not attending the fair. The fair accepts the willingness for entrance in the catalogue from every applied party from the sector. Those who wish to apply for the catalogue entrance, please fill in the separate application form Translation Service: There will be a Translations Bureau on the forecourt of Fair. Where the office will provide interpreters of English, Italian, German, Spanish and French and the international guests and participants will be able to use interpreter s service for the better communication with public, press and interested party for the certain costs. Invitations: A particular number of invitations to attend the official opening of the fair will be issued for the participants according to the prior agreement with the ICF-Caucasus 2003 office. Insurance: ICF – Caucasus 2003 will underwrite an insurance policy on the works of art for each stand, against theft, breakage or fire due to the organizers negligence during the time they are exhibited at the fair. But the exhibitors are advised to take out appropriate insurance for travel, transportation and the medical insurance. Terms of Payment The registration fee of 200 EU should be paid as will be listed in the confirmation of acceptance. For the catalogue entry participant has to transmit the money transfer paper together with the other documentation should be sent to ICF head office before the 1st of July, 2003 year. After the allocation of the stand and exhibiting the represented product, in the case the exhibit would request any additional facilities, the additional amount will be indicated in the invoice, which will be issued by the ICF –Caucasus 2003 office. The sum becomes payable on the issue of the invoice. Press and Publicity – (PR work) Press Conferences will be held in the last week of September and a week prior the official opening of the Fair (7 October, 2003). Accreditation of the local and international journalists will be possible before the second press conference. For the attention of the participants! Before and during the event there will be advertisements published in local press and the local radios and television stations will announce the ICF celebration. In case of the participant s wish the office can arrange meeting with journalists during the fair. In case any magazine or a publication is interested to publish a separate information about an artist or an organization, ICF –Caucasus 2003 office according to the agreement with the participant, will provide the necessary information. The invitations to attend the Fair will be send to Ministry of Culture, City Art Council, State Chancellery s art department, Embassies, international organizations and institutions, Foundations and Trusts. Also to professionals working in the sector, Tbilisi State University and other Institutes. The invitations will also be send to possible buyers for the purpose of the exhibition: to sell art. Posters of the ICF – Caucasus 2003 will be hang up around the city. The poster will also be reduced to the postcard size and the title, contact details and dates will be printed on the back. ICF Office will also dispatch badges of the Fair with participant s name and country of origin. Travel and Accommodation For those traveling to Georgia! ICF – Caucasus 2003 cannot provide travel expenses for the international participant. But in case of need, the ICF office will send an appropriate reference to any foundation, organization or a travel agency for any possible discount on airfare. Entry Visas will be provided right after the arrival at the special stand in Tbilisi Airport. The price of the visa for two weeks in Tbilisi, Georgia costs 80 EU Representative of the ICF-Caucasus 2003 office will meet you at the airport. They will accompany you to your place of residence upon arrival and help you with your accommodation. For the accommodation facilities ICF – Caucasus 2003 office will send the list of hotels and accommodations. After your choice the ICF office will make a reservation and you will be delivered to the place and registered. Upon the arrival you will receive a welcome pack, giving both general information about Tbilisi and Georgia, as well as map, and specific information pertaining your schedule, addresses of venues, embassies and timetable of the performing events. Administration regulations The venue of the event represents the foyer on three stores at Tbilisi Big Concert Hall. For the official opening ceremony, presentations, press conferences, actions and video projections there will be the special space provided by the ICF organizers at the forecourt of the fair. There also will be situated a canteen, cafe, medical post, cash-machine and currency exchange service. Any participant is free to conduct a presentation of its organization/ project/ exposition at his private exhibition space. If the presentation is desired to be included in the official program of the fair, participant has to inform the organizing committee beforehand. Each participant is responsible for the design and equipment of his stand. The ICF office will provide the necessary technical facilities (Leader, hanging equipment, tools and staff). In case the exhibited item is to be hang above 2,5 meters, the organizing committee should be informed before the last week of September. Cleaning services are provided for free; ICF-Caucasus 2003 also provides security service during 24 hours each day while the fair; While the exposition participant has to be careful about his exposition, for the ICF office undertakes the responsibility to cover any damage, theft, breakage or fire due to the organizers gross negligence during the fair. Participant s Package: To apply please return the appropriate application form together with a following documentation: For the visual art sector: Biography and list of artist s exhibitions, photos (could be the web-side), catalogues (if any), leaflets (if any). Questions to: Ketevan Kordzakhia. For the performing art sector: Posters, passport of the production (including technical information) photos and videotape. Questions to: Sophie Tortladze Documentation submitted will not be returned. It will be archived at the ICF – Caucasus Head Office A day timetable during the fair 09:00 – 11:00 (conferences and meetings) 11:00 – 13:00 Opening of the fair (attandance with the special invitations) 13:00 – 14:00 lunch 14:00 – 18:00 "open gates" (general public attendance) Important dates and data: Application Deadline: 1 June, 2003 Admission decision: 10 June, 2003 Deadline for the Catalogue entries: 1 July, 2003 (Materials and transfer paper) Publication of catalogue: 1st week of October, 2003 Registration and stand erection: 9-10 October, 2003 Fair official opening: 10 October 2003, 19:00 Fair begins: 11 October, 2003, 11:00 Public Opening: 11 October, 2003, 14:00 Fair ends: 16 October, 2003, 18:00 Farewell cocktail: 16 October, 2003, till 19: 00 Stand dismantling: 16 October, 19:00 – 20:00