vrijeme: 15.03.2002. - 01.04.2002.
mjesto: Tallinn, Estonia
organizator: Polli Talu Arts Center, Tallinn, Estonia

U prilogu je informacija o umjetničkoj radionici koja će se održati u Estoniji krajem kolovoza ove godine. Sve zainteresirane molimo da se jave direktno organizatoru. Adrese i kontakti navedeni su u prijavnom formularu. Agar Pata koordinator programa kulture Institut otvoreno društvo (01) 4855 576 4855 579
Call for Young Performers: Dancers, Actors, Performance Artists and/or Musicians To participate in Video/Performance Workshop At Polli Talu Arts Center, Estonia Aug 26 – Sept 16, 2001 The three-week long workshop is designed for young performers (dancers, actors, performance artists and/or musicians) from Eastern and Central Europe, as well as Central Asia, who are interested in incorporating video in their live performances. In an intensive working period director/performer Kyle deCamp will teach a daily physical warm up followed by a performance workshop, exploring ways of developing original material for the stage, drawing from movement, spoken text and/or music. Video artists Tomiyo Sasaki and Ernest Gusella will teach the basics of video, from camera work to postproduction. By the end of the workshop the participants are asked to create individual performance pieces that integrate live performance and video elements. These multi-media works will receive their premiere performance for local audiences at Polli Talu Arts Center. Kyle deCamp is an accomplished actress, dancer and creator of original cross-genre performance works. She is a compelling performer who has collaborated with New Yorks avant-garde choreographers, theatre directors and composers. Tours of her own productions have taken her across North America and Europe. She has taught at numerous colleges and universities in the USA. Video artists Tomiyo Sasaki and Ernest Gusella are partners in life and art. As world travelers and internationally acclaimed video artists, each in their own right, their work is in the permanent collections of The Museum of Modern Art, New York; Pompidou Center, Paris, France; Stadtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus, Munich and Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Berlin, Germany; The Spiral Gallery, Tokyo, Japan and Center for Contemporary Art, Montreal, Canada. Their fellowships and travel grants have taken them India, Japan, Canada, Switzerland and The Netherlands. Teaching credits include universities on many continents. The three American artists will be available not only in their capacity as individual teachers in their respective specialties, but also work together as a team to oversee and help with the assembly of each participants work. All three teachers will bring samples of video/performances on video to show and discuss in sessions scheduled for the evenings. Two studios will be available at all times. Participants will be encouraged to keep journals to document their creative process. The day after the public performances will be utilized to give final feedback on the actual performances, reflect on the entire workshop and write an evaluation paper on the experience. A questionnaire will be provided for that purpose. The workshop will take place at Polli Talu Arts Center, a newly established international arts center located 150 km from the capital Tallinn near the Baltic Sea. Polli Talu (meaning “Pollis farm”) is a turn of the century traditional Estonian farm complex consisting of five log buildings. In the place of the old hay barn stands a brand-new dance studio with a sprung wooden dance floor (8m x 12m), ideal for any movement and performance work. The former stable has been transformed into a spacious 6m x 9m art studio and will serve as the video laboratory for the workshop at hand. The storehouse has been remodelled to house guests, providing rooms with 1, 2, 4 and 5 beds. Dining room and toilet/shower are located in the main house. Polli Talu Arts Center provides artists from around the world with facilities and conditions conducive to creative work. Participants are expected to be able to communicate freely in English, be at least 18 years of age and have a minimum of 3 years stage experience. No prior video experience is necessary. Participation is limited to ten performers. Important: All participants are required to bring their own camera and tape stock. Digital editing equipment will be provided. The workshop is a project of the Culture Link Program of the Open Society Institute and stipends for participants will cover travel expenses, housing and vegetarian meals. If you are interested in participating in the Video/Performance Workshop, please request an application form by e-mail from: pollitalu@yahoo.com. Deadline for the submission of application forms is April 1, 2002. Participants will be notified in June 2002. If you have further questions, please contact: Marika Blossfeldt, Artistic Director, Polli Talu Arts Center, pollitalu@yahoo.com In addition to filling out the application form, please submit your CV and a one page essay on your background in the performing arts: what do you love about it, what are your goals, what has been your most significant experience on stage, and why? If you have had experience in video, please state how you have used it. Application form for Video/Performance Workshop Sep. 2 – 24, 2001 Faculty: Kyle deCamp, director/performer; Tomiyo Sasaki and Ernest Gusello, video artists Location: Polli Talu Arts Center, Rame küla, 90103 Vatla, Estonia ______________________________________________________________________________ Name: Age: ٱ female ٱ male Years of experience as performer: Are you a ٱ dancer ٱ actor ٱ performance artist ٱ musician? Experience in video: ٱ none ٱ some ____ years Mailing address: Telephone (incl. country code, city code): Fax (incl. country code, city code): E-mail: Participants are expected to be present for the entire length of the workshop and to participate in all scheduled classes, rehearsals and events. I understand the parameters of the workshop and am free to participate in the Video/Performance Workshop at Polli Talu Arts Center Aug. 26 – Sept.16, 2002 Signature: ____________________________________________________________________________ Please, fill out the application form and “sign” your name. As attachment e-mail completed application form, CV and essay to: pollitalu@yahoo.com Deadline for receipt of all application materials is April 1, 2002. Participants will be selected by the teachers conducting the workshop and Marika Blossfeldt, Artistic Director of Polli Talu Arts Center in New York. Participants will be notified in June 2002 . Direct any further questions to Marika Blossfeldt: pollitalu@yahoo.com Additional information about video requirements All participants are required to bring their own video cameras and tape stock. No previous experience in video is necessary. 1. The camera being brought to the workshop should be preferably mini dv or digital 8 or VHS camcorder (VHS is not recommended but can be used if no other format is available to the participant). Camcorders with Firewire input/output are the most desirable. 2. Any previously recorded tapes being brought to the workshop must be mini dv, digital 8, or VHS. (No other format such as Betacam, Digital Betacam, or 3/4" U-matic etc. will be useful.) There will be no players or recorders other than the camcorders, which each participant brings to the workshop, except for a VHS recorder that can be used as a player or recorder. 3. All editing will be digital and will take place on iMac computers. (iMac computers will be provided.) There will be no external analog video editing systems. 4. Editing software will be iMovie2. All video will be transferred into the computers directly from the mini dv or digital 8 camcorders using Firewire cables (provided) or thru a conversion box (provided) for VHS camcorders.