Mirogoj cemetery on endangered monuments list

time: 08.04.2021.

Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia, in cooperation with the City of Zagreb, the City Institute for the Conservation of Cultural and Natural Heritage, and the Zagreb Holding multi-utility conglomerate, nominated the cemetery for the European Seven Most Endangered Program, taking into account its specificity and value as the most important multiconfessional cemetery in Croatia and an exceptionally valuable cemetery at the European level.

The program, implemented since 2013 by Europa Nostra in cooperation with the European Investment Bank Institute, each year puts emphasis on seven European localities.

Historic Cemetery Complex of Mirogoj, Zagreb, CROATIA
Built between 1876 and 1929, this is a fine example of European Neoclassical architecture. In March and December 2020, the city of Zagreb was hit by two major earthquakes, which caused severe damage to the site. Apart from structural damages and cracks, the arcades, the pavilions, the Church of Christ the King and many tombstones and sculptures have also been heavily damaged. The Ministry of Culture and Media of Croatia intervened with emergency measures. However, severe rains and the COVID-19 pandemic have impeded assessment and conservation processes.

Source: HRT / Europa Nostra

(D.H.F., 12.04.2021)