"Yakishime: Earth Metamorphosis" exhibition on Japanese ceramics staged in Pula

time: 12.02.2021.

An exhibition of Japanese ceramics from the fourth century to the present day called "Yakishime: Earth Metamorphosis" opened in the "Sveta Srca (Sacred Hearts)" Gallery in Pula on Friday in cooperation with the Embassy of Japan.
As of tomorrow, the exhibition will be open, free of charge, to the public, in adherence with all epidemiological measures, said the director of the Archaeological Museum of Istria, Darko Komšo.

"The exhibition was initially supposed to be mounted in the Sisak museum, but that wasn't possible due to the situation after the earthquake. It was staged for the first time in 2016, it arrived here directly from Russia, and after Pula, at the end of April, it will leave for Azerbaijan. It was hosted by the United States of America, Canada, Guatemala, Costa Rica. Let's hope that it will be well visited, with all epidemiological measures, just like the one on Japanese dolls, which was seen, despite the situation, by about two thousand visitors," Komšo said.

Đeni Gobić-Bravar of the Archaeological Museum of Istria said the exhibition was a result of exceptionally good cooperation and organisation.

"It basically presents the history of Japan through ceramics, specifically, it presents ceramics from the fourth century to the present day, and the older period is presented through photographic illustrations in order to depict in the best possible way... a part of this rich culture from this faraway land," Gobić-Bravar said.

Japanese Ambassador Misako Kaji expressed satisfaction that the exhibition was staged in that gallery. She underscored that she was especially pleased that the exhibition dedicated to Japanese dolls had been held very successfully there in October, with great interest by the audience. She thanked the Archaeological Museum of Istria for presenting the culture of Japan in Croatia, that is, in Pula. (Source: Hina)

(D.H.F., 16.02.2021)