Big archaeological discovery in Pula: 2,000 year-old stone human torso excavated

time: 04.02.2021.
Less than half a meter under the sidewalk and only two meters in front of the twin gates in Pula, staff of the Archaeological Museum of Istria have discovered a stone torso of a male figure in a toga, which had been buried there for more than two thousand years.

This torso was found during excavations for the installation of city lighting in the area. The leader of the research, archaeologist Tomislav Franić, says that the great value of this discovery is given by the fact that it was the first torso discovered in the area of Pula after the last torso discoveries in the Second World War.

This torso was long ago discarded from its original place, perhaps from the nearby small Roman Theatre.The torso missing the head is also not surprising because it was not uncommon in those times. Symbolic removing of heads from sculptures occurred after the person represented by the sculpture fell into political or some other disfavour. But there are cases where the stone head easily broke off because it was placed in one groove on the body of the sculpture.


(D.H.F., 08.02.2021)