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  • Database of Culture Programme Projects (2007 – 2013) and Partner Search

Database of Culture Programme Projects (2007 – 2013) and Partner Search

For additional information on the Culture programme (2007-2013) please visit www.min-kulture.hr/ccp or contact us ccp@min-kulture.hr.

Hrvatska verzija baze podataka

To browse the database, you should first open a user account. If this is your first visit here, please open your user account. If you already have an account, please log in to search the database.

Upon opening your user account, you will be given access to the database of projects applying for a certain strand within the Culture programme (2007-2013) calls. You will be able to search the database or to register your project. The objective of setting up this database was to enable faster and easier communication flow between project partners and projects, provide operators with partner and project search, introduce networking of cultural operators, assure transparency of the Culture programme (2007-2013) and dissemination of project results.

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