World Theatre Festival 2007

It doesn't take a lot of air to blow five candles on the cake of culture, which likes to see itself as traditional. Four years mean still the same generation of spectators and hence their great expectations as well as new challenges on our part when choosing what to present. Esthetic legitimacy of ZTF is made of the works of directors such as Robert Lepage, Pjotr Fomenko, Jozef Nadj, Luc Bondy, Eugenio Barba, Thomas Ostermeier, Antonio Latella, Andrej Žoldak, Rezo Gabriaze, Krystian Lupa, Eimuntas Nekrošius, François-Michel Pesenti, Rimas Tuminas, Pippo Delbono... and Peter Brook, Lev Dodin, Oskaras Koršunovas, Jan Fabre, Danio Manfredini. Since its beginnings, Zagreb Theatre Festival has met recognition of professionals and the Zagreb audience. Polemics and conflicts have only underlined its status and the need for it. Esthetical (and political) dilemmas, the struggle for the affirmation of public awareness and artistic consciousness and occasional didactic inclinations mobilize us around the idea of a festival that celebrates contemporary creation, uniqueness of the pleasure that we take in a theatre act and a sense of belonging to a wider European cultural community. (Text by Dubravka Vrgoc and Ivica Buljan)

The Festival will take place between 10th and 25th September.

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